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The idea for Life Enhancing came to Dermot, a life model, when he was adding some photos of drawings from a recent session to his website. The drawings, by Molly Hitchcock, were so full of energy and action that he thought other people might want to own drawings like these. Life classes can generate powerful, sometimes raw, images that are different from conventional nudes, which are often carefully posed to reflect a classical notion of beauty. 

Dermot tried out the idea for an online gallery for life drawings on artist Stewart Clough who was the tutor for this session. Stewart loved it too and we are developing Life Enhancing together. We have asked other talented artists we know, many of them also life drawing tutors, to become involved and most have been keen to join.

Dermot's vision for Life Enhancing is that we create original works at specially arranged life drawing sessions. Tutors in the group welcome this space to focus on drawing without having to teach. The current format is to have two models for a five hour session, divided into three sections. Each model poses on their own for one section and then they pose together. 

Our inaugural session was on 13 March in Princes Risborough, Buckinghamshire, just outside London. Six artists took part. The session generated high energy, with all the artists creating striking new work which is now available on this site.

Life Enhancing will evolve as new artists and different models take part and we receive feedback from buyers and visitors to the site internationally. We'll publish responses to both individual work and the overall site.

We held our second session on 30 October 2016, when ten artists took part. There were two female models, Ashley and Sugar, who modelled individually and  together. Each model created shapes with lines that were both sinuous and sharply angular. They work together regularly and their joint poses range from tension to tenderness. It was an intense day that produced many powerful drawings and paintings.