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Meet the models


'Pole Sitting' female nude pencil drawing by George BoyterAshley modelled at our second session in October 2016, both individually and with her regular modelling partner Sugar. Ashley creates strikingly beautiful shapes, which spurred the artists to try and capture her on paper. Ashley is a full time model for artists across a variety of media including, but not limited to, painting, sculpture, photography and video. She is an experienced, flexible and dynamic model, with a degree in Fine Art, and a background in performing arts, dance and yoga.

If you would like to see more of her work visit her website, and for bookings please email


'Confront' female nude pencil drawing by George Boyter
Sugar modelled at our second session in October 2016, both individually and with her regular modelling partner Ashley. Sugar's long and lean physique and expressive face create distinctive poses and drawings from the artists. 

For bookings please email  


Together male and female nude, pencil drawing by George Boyter
Yuka modelled with Dermot at our inaugural session in March 2016. As the drawings she inspired show, she creates strikingly graceful dynamic poses as well as intricate contained shapes. She has trained extensively in performing arts, ballet and contact improvisation. This made her an excellent teacher for Dermot in the combined poses.

Yuka models for both artists and photographers. If you would like to contact Yuka about a possible life modelling session, visit her website.


Studies of nude male figure pencil drawing by Molly Hitchcock
Dermot had the idea for Life Enhancing when he was putting the drawings from a life modelling session on his website. He specialises in creating dynamic, challenging and abstract poses O.ten artists respond by producing exciting compositions combining several sketches on one page. 

Dermot modelled at our first session both individually, and jointly with Yuka, including a section moving to music. This was a new experience for several artists, which they said added a powerful new dimension compared to traditional life drawing sessions.

Dermot models for private classes, schools and colleges and for student and professional animators. If you'd like to discuss booking a session, please email.