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Commissioning Unique Paintings of You or Your Family

We all have countless photographs of the important people in our lives. To have an original drawing or painting is different and special. The artist will express their personal sense of the uniqueness of the individual they see. 

Life Enhancing artists are happy to accept commissions. There are many settings where an original piece of art can be created, ranging from clothed portraits to more intimate studies. Some examples are shown below.

Portraits of individuals or family groups

The availability of photographs has not replaced the value of a specially commissioned portrait for many people seeking to capture the essence of the people they love. This can be a classic painting of an individual or an informal study of a family group. Once the first portrait exists, there is additional richness from repeating the process over time. This is particularly true for parents who commission individual or family portraits of their growing children. 


(Portraits by Malcolm Sparkes)

Portraits of pregnancy

Having a portrait painted of a mother when she is pregnant captures her feelings about what is happening and the future as well as the physical presence of the new baby. This can be followed by a portrait of mother and child. 


(Artists left: Harriet Brittaine; centre and right: Paul Trewhela)

'Boudoir' portraits

Women commission portraits capturing their sensual side either as a reflection to keep or as a gift to a lover. This website has many powerful images of women each with their individuality of personality and body. Commissioned portraits may be partially clothed or semi-nude. Paintings can be created of a couple together. Men also commission portraits for the same reasons. 


(Portraits by Harriet Brittaine)

How to commission a portrait

The fee for a commissioned portrait starts at £400 and will depend on the time required, travel and so on. The fee will be discussed and agreed in advance. It is preferable to have a live sitting, but if the subject is a long distance from the South East of England, it may be possible to work from photographs. The location for the sitting will be discussed and agreed. Life Enhancing and its artists can provide a comfortable setting or it can take place in the subject's own home. The subject can be accompanied by a friend. 

To discuss commissioning a portrait please email us with the name of your chosen artist or phone +44 7469 171529.